Monday, July 9, 2012

Healing with Blue Aragonite

A  Special guest Post~

 Aragonite is a form of calcite that was originally discovered in Aragon, Spain, but is now being discovered in other regions as well.  Its chemical composition is exactly the same as the calcite that we are all familiar with, so what makes this new player on the metaphysical scene so special?

Because of its gorgeous robin's egg blue color, Blue Aragonite corresponds to the throat chakra, making it an ideal stone for public speakers, teachers, or those who communicate with many people on a daily basis. Its calm and gentle vibration will help facilitate peaceful communications. Sometimes what we FEEL doesn’t translate into what we actually SAY…so if I mean to tell someone “I really respect your opinion, but I just don’t agree”, it might come out something like “UGH! You have no idea what you are talking about, just forget it!”.  Blue aragonite, with its loving vibration, helps us to speak from a more heart-centered place.

 Blue Aragonite also works well with the crown chakra, and helps with understanding and vocalization of messages from Source. This makes it a very helpful healing partner for intuitives, card readers, and healers of any kind.

 Blue Aragonite calms, centers, stabilizes and increases the ability to remain patient, even in the most challenging of circumstances. It will enhance and encourage sensitivity and generosity.  Blue Aragonite can also be an aid for those who lack discipline and self-control, and can help one to overcome stagnation in their personal growth.
 Jill Bloomer, CCH

Jill is a Certified Crystal Healer, entrepreneur, and a spiritualist.  Jill's goal is to help to bring healing and well-being to others through her crystal healing practice and Etsy Shop where she offers unique crystals and gemstones along with expert recommendations.  Visit Jill at Blog: Infinity Crystal Healing and Etsy: Infinity Crystals

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