Friday, July 13, 2012

Totem Being and Auralite 23 Meditation

I just finished doing a 30 minute meditation with Auralite 23. A quick note on Auralite 23; this stone is Amethyst based crystals found in Canada containing at least 22 other minerals. It stimulates higher awareness and telepathic connections with one’s guides and guardian spirits. Caution- when working with Auralite 23, make sure to do some major grounding afterwards, I recommend Black Tourmaline.

I have recently discovered my Totem Being. I call them beings’ because they can be more than just animals, but insects, marine, and mythical. Mine happens to be a brown stallion. For my meditation I do ten minutes of relaxation to help me get in the alpha state of being. The alpha state of mind is your day dream mind. There are no conscious thoughts, just unconscious ones. Due to working with such a powerful crystal, my totem horse was at my side before I was even finished with my relaxation.  It was somewhat comical as he was pawing the ground, basically telling me to hurry up! I guess patience is not a virtue for him. After my 10 minutes of relaxation, along with images of him filling my mind’s eye, I was ready to let him show me what it was that I needed.  My first images were of racing at full speed across the earth, no harnesses, no saddles (Beaches, fields, mountains, and so on). Then my mind started to wonder a little. All of a sudden I was hit full force with the power of my Totem! It was as if I had been stopped by a Semi truck. 
In a fast forward like visual, I was looking into his eyes (beautiful brown and honest) and transported to another existence.   
I saw the universe, ours then others. All perfect in their own glory. A deep sense of calm and understanding came over me. We are not alone in that great vastness. There are guides that are just waiting to be called upon. Not only do we need them, they need us. For without us, they are nothing other than a fanciful passing thought. We make them real; we make them whole and alive. And they in turn will aid us, care for us, and guide us through life. My totem showed me all of this. This beautiful freedom and strength are what my Totem Being wanted to share during this lesson. An important one for sure, for going forward I will have this deep understanding respect for my Totem and his lessons, knowing that we care for each other.


  1. I have never meditated with crystals or any other object. I just kind of let my breathing slowly breakup all of crap that is around me and in my head. I have actually never heard of meditating like this. Your visions actually reminds me of a movie that I loved as a child, "Black Stallion". The way that you described your Totem Being reminds me of many characteristics of black stallion in the movie.

  2. Perfect! Yes, I loved that movie too and didn't even think about that! I find that meditating with crystals helps me focus since I can concentrate on them as my mind likes to wander. If you have never tried, you should. It can be an amazing experience!