Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Selenite Does What?

Let me introduce you to my friend, Selenite! Selenite is a mineral (part of the gypsum family) that is super special. When I first was introduced to Selenite, I had a bad migraine. My friend asked me to hold onto a Selenite tower that she was going to buy. About 5 minutes later, I happen to notice that my headache was decreased about 95%! Was this the crystal? Or was it just a happenstance, that my headache was gone? Hmmmm….    Regardless, I felt that it was the crystal and ended up purchasing that very one that my friend was going to get!  But of course, being a science loving nerd and wondering could a crystal really do that, I needed to test the theory out some more before I made any judgment.  So I waited for a headache to come along- which didn’t take long as I tended to get them every day. When the next one started to come, I grabbed my new Selenite tower and BAM! Within 10 minutes, my headache was gone. This became a game. Headache comes, grab Selenite, headache gone!  Of course, it is not convenient to carry a Selenite tower in your pocket or purse (which I HAVE done). So for awhile I used tumblies (small to large polished stones) or took some Migraine Medication. But why take a pill, when I knew that Selenite worked? Why indeed. I now wear a Selenite necklace 24/7. I have not had one migraine or bad headache since I have had it on. Of course, I get little headaches every once in awhile, but I can just hold my necklace in my hands, and about 99% of the time- Poof! Gone!
Selenite is a high vibrational stone. It works on the mind, mainly the Crown and Higher Chakras.  It brings deep peace and is great for meditation work.  Also Selenite is used for protective grids around the house. Place one piece in each of the four corners.  Selenite wands are also used to clear auras, aiding in keeping outside influences and detaching entities that may be “clinging”.  Selenite is one of the few stones that never need to be cleansed and you wouldn’t want to get this lovely stone wet as it may dissolve somewhat.  Selenite is readily available and comes in all sizes, towers, wands, and tumblies.

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