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Special Guest Post by Gathered Roots

Reiki is the energy (or spirit or essence) of everything. There are not different flavours of Reiki - rather different flavours of thought, practice, and intention. It is the energy that envelops and forms all things, including humankind. The systems of Reiki, too, teach that when humans work consciously with Reiki they begin to evolve and strengthen their connection with the universe
- Bronwen and Frans Stiene

 The quote above defines Reiki quite beautifully! Reiki is a term composed of two Japanese kanji and is most commonly pronounced Ray Key in the English language. The kanji Rei refers to the spiritual, sacred, divine, and/or miraculous entity or power while Ki is defined as energy of the universe. Together Reiki means "Universal Life Force" with a spiritual context.

To explain how Reiki works using analogy, envision a simple water system in your home. The water system as a whole represents a human and the individual parts of that system, such as the pipe line, faucet, and drain correspond to human organs. Reiki as Universal Life Force is compared to the water that flows throughout the system. When the system is maintained, the water flows freely and fully throughout the system. Debris will inevitably appear at times, and it represents emotions such as anger, worry, grief, fear, etc.

In relation to the human experience, debris can arguably serve its purpose by providing us with valuable life lessons, understandings and insights. The concern arises when the debris is left unattended and unresolved. Over time, the water flows more slowly and can perhaps even become blocked altogether. Similarly, as the Universal Life Force that flows through each of us becomes increasingly obstructed, our ability to function at an optimal level decreases and stagnation may occur. It is believed that many of the diseases and symptoms we experience develop as a result.

Reiki practice is energy-based and holistic. During a Reiki treatment, the practitioner channels Universal Life Force and uses a series of hand positions either directly on or above the client's body. The procedure allows the client to draw upon the amount of energy required to clear the debris and obstructions, and for the flow of ki to be re-established. This in turn can support the body's natural ability to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, as well as spiritually. Continued Reiki treatments serve to maintain and strengthen the energy flow.

Services can also be offered through a second method, commonly referred to as “Distance Reiki.” Distance Reiki is convenient for clients who would like to receive the treatments but cannot schedule in-person appointments because they live in a different city or country, or are busy with their every day life (ie: work, errands, etc). For those who also prefer the extra privacy and comfort, remote Reiki healing can be a great choice.

Distance Reiki sessions are available for purchase in my Etsy shop, Gathered Roots:

30-minute Distance Reiki Treatment :  $15.00 USD

45-minute Distance Reiki Treatment:  $20.00 USD

All Distance Reiki treatments are done in the same treatment room used for clients who receive the services in-person at the Gathered Roots office. The photos shown in the listings are of the actual room; a clean and comfortable setting that is free of outside distractions. During a session, I channel the Universal Life Force and use a series of hand positions over a “Reiki doll,” which represents the client. Throughout the treatment, the energy is channeled and directed for the client only (multiple clients are not scheduled together).

The Reiki treatment typically beings at the scheduled time but at the client's request (while scheduling the appointment), arrangements can be made to meet over Facebook for a 10 minute chat. This period allows the client to receive confirmation that I am present for the appointment and allows for any questions to be answered. This offer is extended to both new and repeat clients.

I recommend that clients settle into a comfortable position during the session, either by laying down, sitting in meditation, etc. This can help bring the sensations and effects of Reiki to awareness. While the experience is an individual one, tingling and warmth is very common, as are feelings of enhanced well-being, relaxation, and creativity. Sometimes, there will not be much, if anything, that is felt at all. This is especially true if the client is busy during the treatment. However, whether a client is paying attention and noticing the changes or not, the energy is nonetheless reaching him/her and doing its job!

It's encouraged that the client practice a grounding exercise at the end of each session. The exercise can be as simple as envisioning himself/herself as a tree for a few minutes, and feeling the roots penetrate deeply into the earth. Ensuring an adequate water intake throughout the day of the treatment is also advised.

Clients are also welcome to contact me after each session to share their experience, ask questions, and/or schedule another appointment.

The Benefits of Reiki

Ultimately, Reiki supports the re-alignment with Source as well as the strengthening of that connection. We are all traveling a unique path however, and so the exact changes and benefits that manifest, as well as the pace at which they occur, can differ greatly.

One important but simple factor in benefiting from Reiki healing is that the client be receptive of it. Returning to the analogy, the water will only flow through the faucet if the tap is turned open. Similarly, the position of the tap will also determine the pressure of the water as it pours out of the faucet.

The following are some of the changes I have personally experienced since working with Reiki:

* Clears obstructions and toxins
* Re-establishes and/or strengthens the flow of ki
* Re-aligns one's self with purpose

* Restores the state of natural balance

* Promotes feelings of relaxation, wellness, and creativity
* Instills feelings of empowerment and confidence

* Reduces and/or releases stress and ailments

* Facilitates the transformation of life patterns

* Enhances personal self-awareness and clarity

* Enhances intuition (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance)

Understanding the theory is a great starting point but building a relationship with Reiki through direct experience is the best way of becoming familiar with its power. I invite you to discover for yourself how life-changing Reiki can be!

Please note that Reiki is intended as a relaxation technique and as a complement to natural health care. Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose conditions, prescribe substances, perform medical treatment, nor do they interfere with the treatment of licensed medical professionals. Those experiencing physical or psychological conditions are encouraged to speak with a licensed physician or licensed health care professional prior to beginning a Reiki regimen.

 Jessica Bergeron is a Reiki Master, a student of metaphysics and natural health, and the owner of Gathered Roots ( Her awareness of and dedication for healing is always growing and she tries to regularly practice Reiki as well as herbalism as a means of reaching a higher state of consciousness and to be in alignment with her path.

To read other articles written by Jessica, please visit Gathered Roots' Blog   ( You may also purchase Distance Reiki Sessions and a variety of herbs through the Etsy Shop (

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